Manufacturing of the first steam generator excitation system in Iran


Insert news “installation and replacement of the static excitation system of Besat Power Plant with the aim of supporting the national Industry and increasing the stability and safe operation of the unit and reducing the cost of repairs” on the website of the parent company specialized in thermal power generation


“According to the Public Relations Department of Besat Power Management Company – due to the burnout, the old technology and the ineffectiveness of the old stimulation system in the Besat Power Plant, the construction and replacement of a dynamic excitation system with a static excitation system, using the technical and engineering capabilities of Iranian companies in the company Tehran power plant was approved and implemented at Besat Power Plant. In order to upgrade the system, the design and construction of a static actuation system based on the new technologies of the power plant industry are considered and the stages of public tender and contractor selection from the various technical offers provided by three foreign companies and two domestic companies, according to legal rules And technical standards were carried out by Behsat Power Management Company. The implementation of this plan, in addition to financial savings of about 50% of the external sample, has other benefits, such as increasing the share of domestic power plant equipment and utilizing the country’s scientific and industrial capacities, as well as increasing competition between vendor companies to implement resilient economic plans of the mother-power specialist company Thermal Power and the Ministry of Energy.

The design and construction of the system is based on the technical knowledge of the interior and the equipment and goods of the project are also of high quality and, if possible, provided by Iranian manufacturers. The main activities carried out in the design department include: information harvesting; examination of technical documents and equipment / actuator / AVR / protection / generator diagrams and diagrams.

After the completion of the manufacturing process, the factory tests, installation and replacement with the old unit 1 system in the 10-day period, periodic repairs, cold and hot tests, and the launch of the test on the site, and the unit was successful in the orbit of 2013/09/30. Took Following the meeting of the Committee for Improvement of Production Utilization at the site of the Besat Power Plant and the visit of the officials of Tehran Electric Power Generation Company and the Managing Directors of the Managing Companies of Tehran Power Generation Power Generation Company, the project was approved. The following year, after necessary studies and feasibility studies The project for installing static actuation system in units of two and three power plants will be implemented. “