About Ahar

Ahar Company has started its activities since 2000 and simultaneously with the rise of the second generation of the revolution in order to achieve self-sufficiency and national integrity. Using the young and creative forces in the field of industrial automation, we tried to empower and promote the industrial zone of the East Country and expansion of entrepreneurship and employment. In the early years, along with the implementation of industrial automation projects, due to the high demand for power plants in the country for the repair and supply of parts, the activities in the field of power plants and related industries are also on the agenda. And after 6 years, this The company decided to expand its specialized activities in the field of power plant services and in the year 1385 started this goal by registering a new company called "Ahir Power Plant" and focusing on specialized and applied fields in the country's energy and power industries. Followed.

Ahar Power Company, the first supplier of power control electronic cards, has been designing and producing control and protection cards since its inception, and a large number of its products have already been used at power stations throughout the country. Is. Considering the process of rebuilding the control cards in the company, including reverse engineering and finding the conversion function of each card and the functions performed there, after a while, Ahar Data Company collected a large base of all functions of the turbine control modules, and for the first time In Iran, it decided to produce a native turbine control system. The company succeeded in delivering its first national achievement in the field of power control systems named Ramyar in 2011. This product, as the first DCS turbine control system, has received tremendous feedback from the national industry, which has been acknowledged by top executives and experts, the project has been the highest achievement in post-revolution turbine control services.

In 2014, according to the technology used in the company and the services and products provided to the employers, Ahar Company was classified as a knowledge base company and the company's main building was transferred to Khorasan Science and Technology Park. Currently, Ahar Company is one of the top three knowledge-based companies in Khorasan, with its equipped laboratories equipped with electronics and DCS and specialized teams of gas turbines, steam turbines, industrial electronics and active R & D.

At present, Ahar's employers consist of nationwide power plants, refineries, petrochemicals, southern oil and gas industries located in Assaluyeh and all high-tech industries (Isfahan Polyacryl, Esfarayn Rolling Stones, etc.). .

One of the unmatched capital of this company is its committed and expert manpower, which is comprised of a vibrant and energetic young population. In order to achieve the goals of the specialty and the scientific approach to issues and projects, the company has put the emphasis on recruiting high-level university education in line with its human resources recruitment goals. Currently, the number of active forces in the engineering and administrative departments of the company is 40, with a high number of graduates in their field.

CEO Remarks
We are proud to provide unique services to industrial and power plants in the country by creating a dynamic organization with the use of expert human resources. Along with the knowledge of the day and the scientific deal with the issues, one of the main advantages of the company is Ahmar, and all our efforts to fulfill our mission as a knowledge-based company for the excellence of the country’s industry and all-encompassing self-sufficiency in the industry. We are proud to say that we will work hard to increase the productivity and satisfaction of our customers. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success, because we believe that progress together and together creates synergies and creates more value for all stakeholders. It is hoped that with the help of Allah Almighty and the co-operation and perseverance of all our colleagues, this company will be a step in the development of our beloved homeland, Iran.
mohammadreza Hatef
As the leading company in power industry industrial control systems and one of the successful knowledge bases in Iran, as a leading provider of power plant technology in Iran, in order to further improve services and increase the productivity of products, with the help of Allah Almighty, The following is a statement:
•  Believing in the principle of customer orientation and being a customer is our blessing by identifying precisely the needs of our customers and providing high-quality services and extensive and long-term after-sales services for our products.
•  Belief in human resources as the main capital of the organization and efforts to maintain the dignity of this capital through the application of the strategic principles of human resource development and the increased expertise of experts with continuous education.
• Strengthening the status of the organization as a credible company and continuous effort to achieve global markets.
•  R & D activities aimed at innovating and providing new products related to the needs of the country’s power plant industry, service without defects and reducing operating costs.
Managing the company, by establishing an appropriate environment and dynamic activity environment in order to maintain organizational morale by colleagues, has committed itself to all the goals and principles of the above, and constantly controls and reviews the activities and strategies to achieve the above goals by colleagues.
Organizational Chart

Executive Teams

The executive teams of Ahar Power Plant are composed of 5 technical teams in the following sections:

♦ Ramiar Gas Executive Team: The team consists of 12 specialists in electrical engineering, power control, electrical power and mechanical engineering with a high record in controlling gas turbines.
Steam Executive Team: This team consists of 10 specialists in electrical engineering, power control, electronics, computers and mechanical engineering, which are familiar with boiler systems and steam turbines.
Electronic executive team: There is no doubt that the earliest experts at Ahar Company are involved in the field of electronic card manufacturing, and eight of the electronic experts of the company are involved in this field.
Saniar Executive Team: The team is the newest executive team and its experts are a team of experts in the electronics and experts in the power electronic field.
♦ Ramona
DCS Executive Team: The Ramona DCS Production Team is comprised of R & D department electronics experts and electronic experts from the Electronic Cards Division and a number of computer engineers in the IT department, which has formed a distinct team to produce the most technologically advanced product of the company.