Customer Orientation

Believe in the principle of customer orientation and that the customer is our blessing through accurate identification of customer needs and providing high-quality services and extensive and long-term after-sales service for our products

Respect for Employees

Believe in respect for employees as the main capital of the organization and trying to preserve the dignity of this capital through the use of strategic principles of human resource development and increasing the expertise of experts through continuous training

Research and Development

Carrying out research and development activities with the aim of innovation and providing new products related to the needs of the country’s power industry, flawless services, and reducing operating costs

Brief introduction of Ahar company

Ahar company started its activity in the field of electrical engineering services in electronics and control trends in 2000. These activities began with the redesign and production of power plant electronic boards and gradually extended to the design of advanced control systems needed in energy industries. In 2011, the turbine control system was presented which called Ramyar, and after that, the generator excitation system (Sanyar) and another advanced power plant, refinery, and oil and gas control systems were designed and presented

Today, a large number of power plants, refineries, oil transmission lines, etc. use Ahar control systems

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Services and Activities

Currently, the most important fields of activity of Ahar company can be summarized in the following fields

Synchronous motors drive

Synchronous motors play a major role in today’s industry by providing higher productivity and also the possibility of designing and manufacturing in very large sizes. The biggest challenge of using synchronous motors is the need for a driver and its specific design for each motor. The driver of synchronous motors has very high technology and knowledge. The complexity and depth of this knowledge will double when we are dealing with large-size engines.
Recognizing this problem and in order to meet the needs of various industries in the country, Ahar company put the project of designing and manufacturing this type of driver under the brand name Rastar on its agenda

Generator excitation and protection

Sanyar’s product is a generator excitation and protection system based on the most up-to-date technology in the world, which is designed to control and protect synchronous generators. This system can include a wide range of generators in terms of size and type by using modular design, the possibility of redundant configuration and also choosing a wide range of thyristor/IGBT modules.

Accordingly, Sanyar is suitable for controlling generators with an excitation current of up to 4000 amps and for all types of gas, steam, water, combined, and atomic cycle units

Control and protection of turbine, compressor and turbopump

Ramyar’s product is a specialized controller for implementation on different types of turbines, including turbogenerators, turbopumps, and turbocompressors. This product covers all the processes of a gas or steam turbine, such as control, protection, supervision of all processes, monitoring, and application of operator commands

EMC laboratory and environmental tests

The pre-Compliance test is a test that is used before the main tests and only for the purpose of initial measurement of the manufactured products. It is cheap to use these tests and product defects are identified during the design process

including tests

IEC61000-4-3 (RF Interference)

IEC61000-4-4 (Burst)

IEC61000-4-8 (50Hz Magnetic Field)

DCS system

Ramona is a native Iranian DCS that is fully compatible with the Yokogawa DCS system and is considered a suitable alternative for use in power plants, refineries, and all high-tech industries. In these products, the possibility of communication with the upstream departments, FCS, and HIS of Yokogawa is included, and all the settings that can be provided can also be defined in Ramona modules.

Over-speed protection system

The OPS series is designed to protect against overspeeding in high-sensitivity rotating machines
Its applications include speed protection in steam, gas, water turbines, and turbo compressors. This system is able to stop the unit through trip valves in case of Overspeed or over-acceleration
This system constantly monitors the speed of the rotor by monitoring the speed of pick-ups and stops the turbine when necessary with high security

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