EMC laboratory and environmental tests

Ahar EMC and the environmental testing laboratory have started working with the aim of modeling industrial environments and real operating conditions of electronic equipment and simulating types of noise according to the IEC61000 standard

What is the Pre-Compliance Test? A test that is used before the main tests and only for the purpose of initial measurement of manufactured products. It is cheap to use these tests and product defects are identified during the design process

including tests:


Pre-Complaince Test

RF Interference

It is used to evaluate the effectiveness of equipment from the radiation of RF transmitters, such as mobile phones, Bluetooth, radio transmitters, etc

test wave form: AM/KHz

with 80% modulation depth

D: 80 – 1000 MHz: 10V/m

D: 1.4 – 2 GHz: 3V/m

D: 2 – 2.7 GHz: 1V/m


Pre-Complaince Test


It is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the equipment from transient pulses caused by the discharge of electric charges and switching elements such as relays on the inputs to the system

test level: 2KV

polarity: negative & positive

voltage peak: 2KV

repeatation rate: 5KHz

coupling type: direct & capacitive


Pre-Complaince Test

50Hz Magnetic Field

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the equipment, magnetic fields with the frequency of city electricity, caused by the operation of various motors, lighting, etc., are used

power frequency: 50Hz

continuous operation current: 34,48A

short time operation current: 300A for 3Sec

continuous mode: up to 8hrs

short time mode: 1 to 3Sec

field strength: 30A/m