Manufacturing electronic vibration systems for shahid hasheminejad refinery


Ali Bayat, the public relations officer of Shahid Hasheminejad gas refinery, said: “Vibration electronic cards are used on turbines of sensitive machines, including rotary machines in gas turbines, heaters, blower units for sulfur recovery and Gas compressor units protect gas.

He argued that the manufacturer of these types of cards is an American company, according to the nature of the sanctions of the above paragraph and the highlights of the Supreme Leader on the “national production, protection of work and capital of Iran”, these cards were designed by an internal company. Is. The official said: “Following the technical and self-sufficiency unit of the shahid hasheminejad Refinery’s Instrumentation Unit, it has been possible to make these cards in the interior and domesticized by inverted engineering methods.

Bayat, arguing that the value of equipment in the various parts of the refinery is worth several billion dollars, said the cards were built after reverse engineering, with the same quality as the original American cards, and its successful testing was successful.

The head of the repairs at the shahid hasheminejad refinery has estimated the cost of making these cards one-sixth of the American price and said: The cost of purchasing these cards from abroad for a three-year period is one billion and 800 million rials, but the finished price is 390 million rials. He stressed that the profit from the localization of these cards is one billion and 400 million rials. Bayat said that in addition to a significant reduction in costs, time to access them and the ability to build and repair them internally, as well as to supply their spare parts inside the country.