Generator Excitation and Protection System

Sanyar’s product is a generator excitation and protection system based on the most up-to-date technology in the world, which is designed to control and protect synchronous generators. This system can include a wide range of generators in terms of size and type by using modular design, the possibility of redundant configuration and also choosing a wide range of thyristor/IGBT modules. Accordingly, Sanyar is suitable for controlling generators with an excitation current of up to 4000 amps and for all types of gas, steam, water, combined, and atomic cycle units

Sanyar is a control system based on PLC and can be implemented on all types of static and dynamic excitation systems (with exciter). This system can be connected to an excitation transformer (PPT) or permanent magnet generator (PMG) with a wide frequency range. The ability to customize is one of the prominent features of this product, which allows the customer to choose and order Sanyar’s features and capabilities according to their needs

Features of Sanyar

Sanyar generator excitation and protection system, by providing numerous features and capabilities, can provide an economic and customized solution to control all types of power plant generators as a standard excitation system with selectable capabilities and facilities. Some of the most important features of this system are

Design based on international standards (IEC and IEEE421)
Modular design
Selectable redundancy in the control and power system
DCS structure based on Siemens PCS7
Programmable logic
Using advanced control algorithms
Customization of facilities and equipment
Powerful monitoring system with archiving and reporting capabilities
The possibility of hardware and software troubleshooting
High network, programming, and cyber security
Define different access levels for users
Generator voltage control with 0.1% accuracy
Water-cooled and air-cooled cooling system

The voltage control system includes the following features

Automatic voltage control mode (AVR)
Automatic mode of reactive power control (VAR)
Automatic power factor (PF) control mode
Manual Control Mode (FCR)
Over-excitation, under-excitation, excess flux limiter, and stator current limiter
Ability to compensate line droop and reactive
Execution of flow control loops in a 2-millisecond cycle
Running the AVR loop in a maximum cycle of 20 milliseconds
The trend of important signals with a sampling time of 250 microseconds and with Pre Trigger capability

This system can be adapted to different types of power plant units to meet different needs

Algorithm for detecting the failure of rotating diodes (dynamic excitation systems)
Power System Stabilizer (PSS)
Rotor temperature estimation algorithm
Local and remote control

The system software includes all the protection and monitoring functions required for the safe operation of the system. Also, any customization required by the customer is possible

Overcurrent protection (instantaneous and with reverse time curve)
Protection of input overvoltage and excitation coil overvoltage (Krobar circuit)
Overload protection
Rotor earth fault protection
Online monitoring of faulty thyristors
Monitoring of instantaneous values

Introducing Sanyar 401

The Sanyar 401 system is designed in such a way that it has the highest performance reliability coefficient in different conditions so that it can always perform the generator excitation control process correctly

One of the most obvious features of Sanyar 401 is the monitoring of all parameters through the exclusive SENSE software. In this software, online trending of generator and stimulation parameters with a resolution of 2 milliseconds and their adjustment is possible. The ability to automatically monitor the health of the system makes it easy to maintain and significantly reduces its cost

Features of Sanyar 401

Integrated generator excitation system based on indigenous knowledge
Can be used for generators with an excitation current of 200 to 4000 amps
Real time reliable control system with high speed less than 2 milliseconds
Modular design of the system in order to facilitate troubleshooting and reduce equipment and maintenance costs
Automatic system status monitoring and reporting
The accuracy of generator voltage control is less than 0.1% of nominal voltage
The ability to measure generator parameters with a speed of 20 milliseconds and an accuracy of ≥ 0.5%
High performance continuity by implementing Redundancy
Generator voltage control in automatic mode (AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
Excitation current control in manual mode (FCR (Field Current Regulator) with 1% accuracy
Power System Stabilizer (PSS) in order to increase the reliability of the national power grid
Jump-free transition between control modes
Possibility of connection with Profibus network and Ethernet industrial network
The possibility of setting and monitoring parameters of the generator and excitation system online by dedicated software
Ability to trend the stimulation and generator signals with a time resolution of 2 milliseconds
The ability to record system events with a time stamp
The possibility of customization based on customer needs