Signing Contract with the Iran’s oil and gas pipelines company


Iran’s oil and gas pipelines and pipelines are part of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, which is responsible for the transfer of oil from industrial fields to Iranian refineries by 14,000 km of pipelines and Pumping stations.

By increasing the pressure inside the pipe at pumping stations with existing turbo-pumps, it is possible to transfer crude oil to refineries all over the country, as well as to receive oil products from refineries and to transfer and connect them to transmission lines.

Ahar Powerstation Services Company has been trying to play a positive and effective role in optimizing this sector of the oil industry by signing a contract to replace the turbine control system of eight Typhoon turbo-pumps from Chamran’s pump station near Ahwaz.

By updating the control system of these units and installing the Turbo-Compressor and turbo-pump control system on them, it is possible to adjust the operating point and maximize the operation of these pumping stations.