DCS System

Ramona system includes all the hardware and software parts required for the operation of DCS systems with the approach of replacing the Yokogawa structure

For example, Ramona input/output modules are the first all-Iranian DCS modules made by this company, which are an alternative to Yokogawa’s DCS control system input/output modules

The possibility of communication with the upstream departments, FCS and HIS of Yokogawa, is considered for these modules and all the settings that can be provided in the IOs section can also be defined in the Ramona modules

Features of Ramona

Implementation of a completely native protocol with the ability to connect to the current sets located in refineries and power plants
Full compatibility with the upstream, FCS, and HIS sections of Yokogawa’s current system
Can be used in systems with very high availability (99.99999%)
The possibility of changing and optimizing the performance of the modules according to the customer’s needs
Mechanical design is compatible with Yokogawa modules
Hot Plug capability at the module level
Redundancy capability at the module level