Over-speed Protection System

Rayan-P10 over-speed protection system is one of the products of Ahar Power Plant Services Company. This product is designed to protect the unauthorized speed of rotating machines

In the design of rotating machines, a nominal rotation speed is determined for the machine. The rotating machine has the highest operational efficiency at this speed and can easily tolerate somewhat outside this range

But in most cars, especially big cars, increasing the speed of rotation causes irreparable damage to the car shaft. For this reason, it is necessary not to operate the car at these speeds

An over-speed protection system prevents the car from entering the dangerous speed zone and stops the car before this situation occurs

Features of Ryan

Series response speed to over-speed conditions (response time 15 milliseconds)
Two trip outputs are made by voting two out of three
Isolated analog output with the ability to adjust the upper and lower limits according to the speed
Measuring the maximum speed that the system has reached
It has an LCD, TFT screen
External trip input (a simultaneous trip of the entire over-speed set)
Two alarm outputs
A buffered pulse output number with the same frequency as the input
Each module has an independent power input (in the range of 18 to 30 V DC)
The input can read all types of sensors including magnetic pickup, proximity sensors, and hall effect sensors
Modules can be removed and inserted while the system is powered
It is possible to place two independent Oraspeed sets on one rack. (The inputs and outputs of the two sets are independent.)
There is an alarm management system to announce the following alarms
Differences in speed readings from different sensors –
Interruption of communication with the IM module –
Enter out-of-range settings –
Error detection in the speed measurement processor –
Error detection in automatic testing –
Diagnosis of feeding errors –
Adjustable by PC software, (Raylink) and LCD and keypad