Design, construction, installation and commissioning of the generator excitation system and the SFC system for starting two units in Yazd power plant

The project of design, construction, installation, and commissioning of the static excitation system of Kraft 1 and 2 units of the Yazd power plant was put into operation

Craft units of the Yazd power plant are made in Germany and have a nominal capacity of 68 megawatts, and the control system of these units is among the most complex control systems among power plant generators in the country

:Excitation system

The excitation system of these units was of the static type and from Thyripol brand manufactured by Siemens company with a rated current of 540 amperes, which were replaced with Sanyar plug-in excitation system manufactured by the company. This project has a special place among several projects that the company has done in terms of its complexity and its connection with the static launcher of the units

In this project, for the first time in the company’s projects, the excitation system was used to generate the excitation current and control the generator voltage in the process of starting the gas turbine from the stop state to the rated speed

:SFC boot system

In this project, for the first time, the gas turbine starting system has been designed and built locally. The nominal power of the installed launcher system is 2 MW

The old launcher system of craft units is from the AEG brand, which is supported by the new launcher system. Due to the card structure of the old boot system, the existence of problems in every part of the system used to spend a lot of time troubleshooting. For this reason, the new launcher system is of great importance for the ease of troubleshooting and the integration of the launcher section

The task of SFC in Kraft units is to start the gas turbine and increase its speed up to 2100RPM. The new starter system is equipped with speed control and torque control modes that can be used depending on the application