Design, construction, installation and commissioning of generator excitation system of Shazand power plant

The project of designing, building, installing, and commissioning the static excitation system of unit 1 of the Shazand steam power plant is being prepared for operation

Shazand power plant has 4 steam units with a capacity of 325 megawatts for each unit, which is one of the largest power plants in Iran with a rotor excitation current of 2538 amps

In this project, the dynamic excitation system of unit 1 has been dismantled and replaced by the static excitation system

The Sanyar excitation system used in this project has the ability to control the excitation current in the form of 50-50 and 0-100 so that it provides the required excitation current of the generator rotor by four power bridges at the same time. Also, in order to increase reliability, this system is capable of controlling the excitation current in the form of 0-100 in case of an error in any of the power bridges, as well as controlling the excitation current by one bridge alone