22nd Tehran International Oil and Gas Exhibition


The 22nd Tehran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition was held in Tehran’s permanent exhibition venue, welcomed by domestic and foreign companies.

As in previous years, Ahar Power Plant has been one of the active systems companies in the field of turbopump control and turbopump management, as well as the manufacturer of electronic boards for refineries and petrochemicals, located at the 262 halls of the 14th hall.

By providing its latest product in the field of controlling the propulsion and protection of generators in the exhibition, the company added a new field to its field of activities, in addition to designing and producing control systems, designing and manufacturing and reproduction of electronic boards, production Native DCS and providing consultancy in the field of system optimization, providing services in the field of generators, is also on the agenda, in order to be able to turn the wheel of the domestic industry with God’s grace and the efforts and perseverance of the KHDOO forces. We see the increasing progress of Islamic Iran in the shadow of national production.

Most visitors of the Ahar Power Plant Company booth were experts and instrument managers who attracted the field of activities and wanted to receive services in that field. Several petrochemicals and refineries were also present at the booth with the management team and made preliminary discussions for the contract for their portfolio.

Among them, the presence of engineer Zanganeh, the Minister of Oil of the eleventh government of the 11th government, and his interest in the company’s production lines, in particular the series of Ramona modules, which, according to experts, is a major step towards the independence of the country in the field of production High tech systems for mother and manufacturing industries.