The OPS set is designed to protect against over-speed in highly sensitive rotary machines
One of its applications for speed protection in steam turbines, gas, turbine and compressor can be mentioned. The system is able to stop the unit through trip valves in the event of excessive acceleration or excessive acceleration.
This system constantly monitors the speed of the rotor through the monitoring of speed accelerators and, when necessary, safely stops the turbine. This product has three completely independent protection relays, each of which has two parallel and fully independent trip relays with high safety, alarms output and square pulse output with a 25-mA driver.
The structure of the system consists of three OPS125 speed protection modules and one OPS115 tester module
system specification Number subject
Pickup with a frequency of 100 to 30,000 Hz and a voltage range of 1 to 30 V
Hall Effect Sensors
3 Sensor input
24 VDC (18 to 30 V) 3 Power supply
The output is 4 to 20 mA in proportion to the speed of the drive with a minimum of 750 ohms 1 Analog Output
Two relays for the output of logic 2 of 3
1 contact number per module, 4 numbers for each module
3 Trip control output
Volt amplitude proportional to the input signal for control and PLC systems with a maximum current of 25 mA 1 Square pulse output

Features Row
Ability to detect acceleration 1
Quick diagnostic location or short-circuit short-circuit wire 2
Protect all sections against corrosion 3
Detection of defect in installation or sensor defect 4
Separate output for alarms only 5
Trip input to apply the external trip command 6
Ability to switch any module online (Hot Swap) 7