The trust of the Ahwaz power plant in Iranian knowledge has saved up to 6 billion tomans


According to the Public Relations Department of Ahwaz Ramin Power Plant, installation and commissioning of the 315 MW unit of the Ahwaz Rhymn Power Plant, which was designed by our experts, was successfully completed.

Engineer Davood Mahmoudi, the CEO of the power plant, pointed out the knowledge and expertise of the staff and the movement of the power plant in the course of national self-sufficiency, said: Turbine control system is one of the most important and sensitive equipment of this type of power plant and plays an important role in the process of sustainable energy production. has it.
He said: “Due to the problems encountered in the old foreign systems, with the efforts of power specialists and the cooperation of a powerful Iranian company, we were able to build a better, more accurate and efficient turbine control system, and now, after carrying out technical and engineering tests successfully, The 315 MW Unit 6 of this power plant was installed and put into operation.
Mahmoudi also referred to the lack of dependence on the constructivist country, currency savings, trust and promotion of employees’ motivation, and support for domestic production as a feature of the design and construction of this equipment by domestic professionals.
Engineer Farshad Shamradi, director of engineering and control tools at Ramin Power Plant and researcher at the project, said: “The old system has a 16-bit microcomputer unit, due to its very low processing speed, lack of access to spare parts, and deactivation of the system, results in inefficiency and reliability. The 315MW turbine controls the unit and generates a lot of troubles for the proper operation of the power plant. He said that in order to increase the sustainability and improve the efficiency of the units, we carried out specialized research and examination of the challenges of the operation of these systems. We were able to successfully complete the construction and installation of the control system in cooperation with the power plant’s engineering company.
He started up the auto turbine to reach the name range and power generation, using powerful processors, controlling the speed of the turbine rotor, controlling the unit load, controlling the thermal stresses, increasing the speed of the turbine, controlling the turbine during the network fluctuations or getting out The generator and the ability to display and record system information are the most important technical advantages of the control system made to the Russian and similar systems. Engineer Shamraadi noted that the cost of constructing this control system was 700 million Toman, while the external cost of its foreign exchange cost was more than 6 billion toman.