Replacing excitation system of Unit 1 generator in Besat Power Plant


Insert the news “Successful construction and replacement of the old excitation system of 1 unit of a power plant by the experts of Ahar Company” on the site of this power plant.

“Engineer Seyyed AliReza Mousavi, managing director of the power plant, considered the implementation of the design, construction, and implementation of the static excitation system as the first experience in the installation of the system in the steam power plant, and it is of two technical dimensions due to the rapid network response in the field of change The network is in proportion to the dynamic system and the problems that the old system has in terms of supplying parts and maintenance costs, due to the variety of electric and mechanical components, and the emergence of defects on each of the cases leading to exits on the unit, and also in terms of Use of built-in construction capacity is very important and worthwhile to describe D He expressed hope that with this project, Shah Allah, we can establish the unit’s consolidation more than ever before. Engineer Mousavi also developed and replaced the static excitation system in addition to more than 50% of financial savings in the similarity of the foreign sample with other benefits such as increasing the share of construction of the domestic power plant equipment and utilizing the country’s scientific and industrial capacities in pursuit of the resistance economy plans Underlined by the Ministry of Energy and the Thermal Power Specialist Mother Company, the power plant, which was trusted to do this, would be proud of the construction of the interior for the dear Iran. Engineer Masoud Sheikh, deputy director of the power plant engineering department, described the activities carried out to replace the old agitation system of the unit of this power plant as follows: The old propulsion system of the power plant is a type of DC amplifier and voltage regulator (AVR) of the amplidin type. Due to the old technology, equipment wear and tear, the lack of original spare parts, the history of cutting the coupling of the generator connection and the system of stimulation and failures of the gear box, reducing the speed and instability of the AVR in the turbulence conditions of the network, the old stimulation system has not been reliable, so that the frequency of exits The units of this power plant from It has the circuit. Its features include the use of Siemens S7-400 PLCs, hot redundant, implementation of control logic and interlocking, the use of an exciter transformer, two bridge redundant bridge and HMI installation in the command room. After the completion of the manufacturing process and factory testing, the installation and replacement of it with the old one system in mid-term repairs was carried out and after the cold and hot tests and experimental start-up, the unit was successfully placed in orbit. “