Manufacturing pump’s control system of circulation unit for shahid hasheminejad refinery


the managing director of Shahid Hasheminazadeh Gas Refining Company, announced the manufacturing of the Circulation Ammonia’s Control system at the gas purification units.

According to the Public Relations of the National Iranian Gas Company, engineer Seyyed Majid Monbety added: “Given the importance of amine circulation pumps in the process of gas treatment and the high sensitivity of control of these rotary machines and the lack of spare parts of the previous control system during the sanctions And the high cost and timing of the provision of these equipments, in the year 91, a project titled “Localization of circuits of amine circulation pumps” was defined. He stated: Then, with the participation of one of the domestic companies, the first one was made and installed in the unit of gas treatment number four of the complex in the year 92. He noted that after two years of analysis of the control conditions and analysis of the recorded data, the existing problems and deficiencies were resolved with the cooperation and participation of the domestic company and the prototype was completed. He said: “Since 1992, after 17,520 hours of successful operation, we have not had any control errors, and now there is a remote control device and installed on the second and third amine circulation turbines of the unit number 4 gas purification plant.
The managing director of Shahid Hasheminejad gas refinery announced the purchase of 850 million riyals, adding that it was built by Iranian company with 150 million rials. Manbety stressed that the implementation of this project would cost about Rs. 3.6 billion Rials, which will increase dramatically when installed in other refineries and industries. Managing director of Shahid Hasheminejad Gas Refining Company noted that this unit, centered on the principle of self-sufficiency and relying on the knowledge and expertise of human resources, provided the ground for the growth and prosperity of knowledge-based companies and took practical steps in the field of resistance economics.