Manufacturing the first Iranian DCS for the SPGC company


Extreme sanctions in the field of basic industries, the need to adhere to nonprofessional defense issues, the high cost of supplyment for power plants and refineries, and in particular, the importance of national production and the belief in indigenous capabilities, all have reasons why the Ahar company was first built in the country. The first DCS sample of native Iran in the country, using the native ability and expertise of experts in this land, and with the help of my god, this national project has been completed as fully as possible and has paved the way for the honors of this company.

The system has been designed and implemented based on the Yokogawa system, which, according to experts, is one of the most complex and, at the same time, the most secure systems in the world market. One of the goals of the Ahar Power Plant at the design stage of the system was to make it possible for the DCS to be 100% compatible with the Japanese model, in addition to using it independently, it could also be used with its Japanese system components and create a hybrid structure. Made

The project started at the request of the South Pars Gas Complex in order to provide more and more of this strategic area in the country. During 2 years of uninterrupted effort by the experts of this company, the input and output modules of this system were produced and delivered, with satisfaction The more complete the complex has been and after testing and testing in difficult operating conditions, it has been certified to be integrated.

The second phase of the construction of the first DCS in the country includes the construction and delivery of the main processor and main rack and connectors of the complex