some of activities:

Design and construction of all control cards (Speedtronic) for gas turbine F5 units mark One and two of General Electric (more than 120 different card models) ordered by power plants in Mashhad, ghaene, Shariati, Zahedan, Kish, Rey, Afghanistan, Chabahar, Yazd, Bandar Abbas , Bushehr, Khark, Kagan, Konarak and …
Design, construction and installation of steam turbine controller replacement for Woodward 505 turbine control system ordered by Shahid Hasheminejad refinery
Redesigning and manufacturing RAMONA input and output modules compatible to YOKOGAWA DCS ordered by the General Staff of the South Pars GAs company(SPGC)
Design and manufacture of cards for excitation Westinghouse units of Shahid Hasheminejad refinery
Design and construction of Charger controller for Zarand power plant in Kerman
Design and manufacture of UNITROL 2004, 2010 controller cards for excitation gas units of the BBC Power Plant of Mashhad
Designing and manufacturing of excitation system cards for Fiat units in Tabriz Power Plant
Design and manufacture of control cards of the Baily Bandar Abbas Power Plant
Design and manufacture of excitation system cards of AEG units at Kish Power Plant
Design and manufacture of Alarms electronic boards for Ghaem Power Plant
Design and manufacture of vibration cards manufactured by BENTLY NEVADA in Shahid Hasheminejad Refinery
Design and manufacture of controlling cards for F5 units in Herat Afghanistan
Design and manufacture of comprehensive excitation controller for 3 MW FUJI synchronous motors. Bandar Abbas refinery gasoline department.
Design and manufacture of a series of racket for ramyar turbine control systems
Design and manufacture of controller PTS5 Binalood Wind Power Plant
Design and construction of speed transducer of the BBC unit of the old power plant of orumia
Designing and Replacing CRT Monitor for Speed ​​Controller F9 Units with LCD Sample Installed in Neyshabour, Shahid Rajaei, Khoy and Montazer Ghaem Power Plants
Designing and manufacturing of Notrep 05 card drivers for motor operators in Mashhad Power Plant
Designing and Replacing Conductivity Meter Cards for Water Treatment of Steam Power Units
Designing and manufacturing a complete series of change-over system cards for steam units of Tabriz Power Plant
Designing and manufacturing control cards for temperature and battery charging units at rey Power Plant
DESIGN AND PRODUCTION OF solenoide protection cell OFF breakers of NEAKA power plant
Designing and manufacturing driver cards for 3kw bucket drivers Catler Hamer, Shahid Hasheminejad Refinery
Design and construction of a transducer card for the Valve position for Ramin power plants
Design and construction of additional 6 kV breaker protection cards for Toos Power Station
Circuit Design Correction Thermocouple F5 Power Plant Mashhad
Design and construction of 6 kV breaker Driver ABB Steam Units of Neyshabour and Shariati Power Plants
Design and manufacture of driver cards for inverter section of Mashhad city train. The main card of SIEMENS company is ordered by order of Mashhad city train.
Designing and manufacturing thermocouple amplifier cards for Dorood Power Plant
Design and construction of EX200 controller for choke valve (output control valve), gas platforms of South Pars Oil & Gas Company
The design and construction of a speed protection system replaces the BRAUN speed protection system ordered by the Khangiran Refinery
Design and construction of an encoder for SIEMENS train wheels on the order of the Mashhad urban train
And …


Other activities:

Design and construction of thermal furnace Pars Toos Technical Center
Design and implementation of a control, monitoring and electronic control system for video depth meter for deep wells (up to a depth of 300 meters) with the onLine image of two simultaneous cameras of Pak Water Company
Designing and manufacturing of Agricultural Machinery Stress Processing System – Faculty of Agriculture, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Design and manufacture of stepper motor drivers (40,000 steps), PWM, no power losses and up to 11Khz
The elevator controller design is fully digital with 120 inputs and outputs.
Design and manufacture of computer information processing computer cards such as:

80 Channel DI
16 Channel RTD
16 Channel AI
3 Channel Encoder 24 bit
3 Channel encoder Input to LPT
Multi I/O (16AI,16DI,16DO)

Design and construction of load cell transistor with different distress
Designing and installing a control system for the Dutch cultivator in the Faculty of Agriculture, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Image of some designed cards: