Synchronous Motor Drive

Synchronous motors play a major role in today’s industry by providing higher productivity and also the possibility of designing and manufacturing in very large sizes. The biggest challenge of using synchronous motors is the need for a driver and its specific design for each motor. The driver of synchronous motors has very high technology and knowledge. The complexity and depth of this knowledge will double when we are dealing with large-size engines

Recognizing this problem, Ahar Company put the project of designing and manufacturing this type of driver on its agenda in order to meet the needs of various industries in the country. This product, which is called Restar, is designed based on the latest technology and several ultra-fast processors, as well as parallel signal processing

The first RASTAR product of this company was designed and put into operation in 2022 using the gas turbine starting system for Kraft units of the Yazd combined cycle power plant

Rastar features

Modular system design
Ability to combine excitation control system and SFC system in one set
The control part is based on the combination of ARM microcontrollers and FPGA chips
Using optical fiber technology to drive switches
Providing feedback from each switch and specifying its status and health
All necessary voltage and current protections in the form of hardware and software
The possibility of providing ultra-fast trends to view all control and vital signals
It has dedicated engineering software for configuration, settings and parameters, alarms and visuals, etc
Flexible power bridge structure and the possibility of configuration with any required voltage and current
The possibility of designing air-cooled and water-cooled for the power sector
It has communication ports: Profibus, LAN, CAN, Modbus
User-friendly control and monitoring terminal on the control panel door
SQL database on the main server to log signals
The possibility of providing the implementation capability without the need for a Sensorless rotor position sensor

List of basic standards



IEC 60146

IEC 60529



ANSI C37.20

ANSI C37.90.1

ANSI C37.100

ANSI C50.13