Control and protection of turbine, compressor and turbopump

Ramyar’s product is a specialized controller for implementation on different types of turbines, including turbogenerators, turbopumps, and turbocompressors. This product covers all the processes of a gas or steam turbine, such as control, protection, supervision of all processes, monitoring, and application of operator commands. This system is designed in such a way that it can be used in terms of workload in a wide range of turbines (for example, in power plant industries from 5 MW to 320 MW). Ramyar can be installed on any type of turbine regardless of the type and brand of the manufacturer

Ramyar is a control system based on PLC and can be implemented with different hardware. Ramyar control system is implemented and executed with Siemens S7-400 hardware. In this system, the main logic and philosophy of the old control system are maintained, but the protection levels have been updated and the possibility of adding new protection levels will be available to the employer, and in addition to these changes required by the employer according to the requirements of the field level, to It is easy to do. The ability to customize the product is one of the prominent features of this product and it allows the customer to choose and order Ramyar’s features and capabilities according to their needs

The ability to connect the Ramyar system to administrative networks (reporting for internal managers) as well as connecting to upstream networks such as dispatching, sending, and receiving the required information by various protocols while respecting network protections can be easily implemented and implemented

Ramyar is used in almost all turbines used in industries. The turbines for which this product can be implemented and installed for control and protection are

Gas turbine units
Steam turbine units
Combined cycle units
Turbo pump
Turbo compressor

Features of Ramyar

The most important features of the Ramyar control system are as follows

Compatibility with all types of turbines
Benefiting from the latest control system equipment and precision instruments
Ability to customize facilities and equipment
Redundancy at the processor level, inputs and outputs, and communication network
The main control and protection system of the S7-400 family
Safety implementation based on IEC61508 standard
Powerful monitoring system
Archiving and reporting system
The possibility of hardware and software diagnostics Hardware & Software Diagnostics
It has high network, programming, and cyber security
Availability of repair facilities and control system settings
Easier analysis of control system operation using monitoring facilities
Defining different access levels for safe operation
Exhaust temperature control with 1°C accuracy and elimination of thermal stresses in automatic start-up
Turbine speed control with 01 rpm precision
Load control when the unit is synchronous
Intelligent fuel-switching algorithms without changes in load
Intelligent algorithm for calculating turbine temperature from the exhaust temperature
Gas turbine temperature protection independent of temperature control
Turbine and generator vibration protection and monitoring
Turbine over-speed protection is 2 out of 3 and independent of software and control system
Creation of fully automatic turbine start-up and shutdown mode