Brief with the DCS system

Yokogawa is one of the most reliable brands in the world in the field of producing precision instruments products, one of the most important of these products is its PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), which is used in a wide range of domestic industries, especially oil and gas industries

The imposition of Western sanctions in recent years has caused a serious challenge to the supply and repair of this brand’s equipment, to the extent that South Pars Gas Complex Company has defined the research project of designing and producing analog and digital I/O modules of this brand in its agenda. Contract

In the meantime, Ahar Power Plant Services Company, due to its brilliant record in redesigning and upgrading special industrial electronic cards by reverse engineering method, was honored to carry out this project

Localization of the protocol in this system has been done 100% in a way that currently enables this company to provide all services related to the security of systems based on this technology. This localization has been done in such a way that it is even possible to define and produce modules with new capabilities for this system

The modules are currently in operation in all operational phases of the South Pars Gas Complex, and after local and environmental tests, the confirmation of the correct operation of these cards has been sent to this company

Ramona I/O modules are a complete replacement for Yokogawa’s DCS control system I/O modules. Different digital and analog types of these modules have made it possible to use them in different applications

Ramona is a native all-Iranian DCS that is fully compatible with the Yokogawa DCS system and is considered a suitable alternative for use in power plants, refineries and all high-tech industries. In these products, the possibility of communication with the upstream departments, FCS and HIS of Yokogawa is included, and all the settings that can be provided can also be defined in the Ramona modules